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what episode does kenny come back walking dead

In "Amid The Ruins", Kenny's friendship with Clementine becomes greatly strained after Sarita's death. Lee attempted to talk with him about their next move, but no matter what, he was single-mindlessly obsessed about finding a boat. After the St. John's Dairy Farm incident in the meat locker, they would either have a stronger relationship if Lee decided to help Kenny kill Larry, or Kenny would despise Lee for trying to revive Larry since Lee didn't back him up on a morally questionable action. In "Thicker Than Water", Clementine will have a flashback about him. He thanked her and apologized for cursing at her before leaving with Clementine to go to Florida. Kenny jumped in and boosted Christa out. He was saved by either Lee or Christa. Wanted to forcefully take over the St. John's Dairy in case the St. Johns themselves weren't all they appeared. If Clementine went with Jane, she has the option of giving the baby a middle name. Lee either agreed with the looting or decided against it, but Kenny participated in the looting, nevertheless. Clementine may choose to coddle or be honest with Kenny about how much the medicine she has to apply will hurt, to which he will jokingly respond to with either a request for honesty or something to make it seem better, but allows her to apply the medicine regardless. FUCK! Kenny is shown to be saddened and sorry towards Rebecca upon receiving the sad news. During "In Harm's Way", she is distraught after Kenny is savagely beaten by Carver resulting in the loss of his left eye. Clementine agrees to help, leaving care of A.J. Later, Carlos works on Kenny after he is beat up by Carver. After the events on the frozen lake, when Kenny nearly beats Arvo to near unconsciousness, Mike will later tend to Arvo and say that he "can't take this anymore", referring to Kenny's persistent violent beatings to Arvo. Molly later demands that the group takes her with them on the boat as payment for the rescue. Although he will sometimes allow others to care for Alvin, he does this because he is unsure of his ability to handle Alvin while performing another task that the group knows (or Kenny believes they know) that only he can do, such as holding Arvo at gunpoint while walking through the forest and across the ice or fixing the truck outside the unfinished house. (Determinant). While discussing their plans to escape, the two constantly disagree with other, with Kenny saying that Rebecca is hard to deal with and Rebecca stating that Kenny isn't a peach either. During their journey, he searches for a means of cutting his binds and manages to do so using a broken-off piece of metal against the wall of the truck and argues with the others over attempting to surprise Carver's men when the truck is stopped, but ends up hitting his head against the door when the truck comes to an abrupt halt. However, you did hear him scream in pain. The three will begin running towards the woods, eventually getting separated from one another within the herd. Kenny assesses the other people and tells Carley and Doug, a man who had quietly ducked out of the whole argument, to watch the walkers outside of the building. He also tells Lee he greatly appreciates him taking care of Duck and Katjaa when the player feeds him the apple. Kenny, depressed and in state of half-way shock, kept to himself in the train cabin and ignored any attempts at consolation from either Lee or Ben. Most of the group respects him for this. After his brutal beating at the hands of Carver coupled by the death of Sarita, Kenny becomes incredibly vicious, aggressive, hostile, brutal, and mentally unstable, even towards his fellow group members including Clementine (due to Sarita's death/Infection). These flaws take over at times which allows him to get carried away, and act before thinking which at times proves reckless. Kenny urges Lee to not shoot her, stating that she would buy them more time to scavenge. Kenny lets him live (though he insists upon tying Arvo up) and keeps Arvo at gunpoint as he leads the group away from the corpses to his house. He said that Kenny was supposed to be the leader of the community Luke and the cabin survivors fled from, but this idea was scrapped in favor of creating an antagonist in Carver. Alternatively, if Clementine refused to enter Wellington without her friend, Edith sided with Clementine over Kenny, noting the girl's strength. When Lee Everett and Clementine enter the barn, Kenny can be seen sleeping with his family on an elevated platform. Kenny and Lilly's relationship is seriously affected during the meat locker incident at the St. John's dairy. Lilly explains that he needed nitroglycerin pills from the pharmacy, but the entrance was locked. His desire to keep her safe outweighing his desire for vengeance, Kenny chooses to save Clementine by getting her into the heated car rather than kill the traitors. Throughout "Starved For Help", Kenny and Lee constantly argue over who's leadership method should be followed. In "Amid The Ruins", their relationship becomes more hostile than ever before, especially when Luke realizes that Kenny is no more than a liability to the group. After Sarita died, Kenny again lost his purpose in life but regained it again with Alvin Jr.'s birth. Lead his group and keep them together (succeeded for a while).Kill Jane (succeeded or failed).Convince Clementine to stay in wellington with Alvin Jr. to survive (determinately; succeeded or failed).Protect Clem and AJ (succeeded until his death/departure). He found himself lost and meaningless when he was told that the baby had been lost, driven to live only by the will to destroy that which had taken away his purpose. They both trusted Lee very much. Clementine, heartbroken, promises she will keep him safe, and Clementine runs away holding A.J., trying not to look back as Kenny is being eaten. That date is when The Walking Dead airs "Here's Negan," the sixth and final bonus episode of the extended season 10. They attempted to deal with the walkers, but were forced to take shelter in the attic. Over the next few days, he was conflicted with a combination of immense sadness and anger towards his wife for killing herself and Duck dying. After asking if everyone is alright, Kenny will point at a rest area sign for them to meet there should anything happen before exiting the truck in search of diesel. He then went to repair the boat with the new fuel and battery. When Kenny thinks Jane has killed A.J., he attacks her in revenge. In "Starved For Help", he was able to shove Lee to the floor with ease. Danny mentions that he knew about the bandits who shot Mark, rekindling Kenny's mistrust in him for not informing the group of the danger. Lee agrees to help them, but Mark and Kenny notice that David's screams had attracted walkers. During one of his fishing tours, he encountered a sick octopus and decided to bring it ashore to a veterinarian's office. It is assumed that Kenny lost his respect for Mike following his betrayal of the group. Lee first meets him on Hershel's farm where his son almost dies at the hands of some walkers. Either the two of them would be on good terms or Kenny would tell Lee that they needed to stay out of each other's way for a while. The two will discuss what just happened, as well as past memories and how a lot of people died for them to get where they are. If Kenny joined the group by the fire, he will state that giving the rum to Arvo is a "waste of good rum". But I've just played about half of the last episode in season 1 and Kenny jumped into an alley-way to save Ben, and then had to fight off a bunch of walkers with just one bullet! I'm gonna punch the first sonuvabitch i see. Kenny's knowledge of mechanical engineering extended to boats due to his love of the water and traveling, tools that would aid him in the years following the outbreak. Gavin Hammon If Clementine surrendered in the lodge, Carver grabs her and points a gun to her head. Kenny also served as the only living reminder Clementine had of Lee (and her for him). Warning: SPOILERS for The Walking Dead season 10, episode 13.. New details about what happened to Rick Grimes after Andrew Lincoln exited the series have been revealed in The Walking Dead season 10, episode 13, "What We Become". Katjaa and Doug/Carley arrive at the scene of the argument, sarcastically asking if either of them will ever stop arguing. Later that night Rebecca asks Clementine if she would like to hold her baby, which Clementine can accept or refuse. to become what he wished his own son would have become if he had had more time with him. Angered, Clementine raises her gun on him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ever since Episode 1, I made sure I sided with Kenny throughout, because I trusted him and liked his personality. Once they break out, Kenny rushes to find his family. Lee's relationship with Kenny is put to the test in "Around Every Corner", as Kenny is still struggling with the loss of Duck and Katjaa. He met Katjaa at the office, where she agreed to help the octopus. Carver retaliates by killing Walter, which enrages him. If Mark accidentally shoots Travis after failing to save Parker, Kenny orders Mark to grab Travis and he does so without question. Kenny can either claim that Lee was a hell of a guy or that they had their differences. Lee prevented him from committing the act, but had the choice of cutting off his arm or not. In all of his determinant outcomes, no matter what, Kenny trusts Clementine's judgement and allows her to do what she wants. Kenny will then have a talk about family, AJ and future plans with Clementine. Kenny then gets into an argument with Nick in which Clementine can choose to be neutral or side with either one. Edith will quickly return and say that she can take the children inside, and Kenny thanks her and begins a conversation to convince Clementine to enter Wellington without him. As he was not put down to prevent reanimation, it is unknown what happened to Kenny after Clementine (and Jane, determinant) left his body. It stands across a frozen lake which doesn't seem thick enough to hold all of them. Kenny is either shot in the abdomen or in the head by Clementine, or crippled in a car crash and devoured by walkers. Lilly feigns defeat and begs for her life only to use this as a ruse should Clementine chose to spare her. They fell in love and became husband and wife afterward. Kenny has no remorse for her death, even blaming Arvo and his group for her death due to them starting the fight. Reedus said he had asked Lincoln that very question but the actor wouldn't give him an answer. When the walker herd attacks, Kenny stays with Rebecca and deals with her birth, while the others secure the gate to ensure the walkers are unable to enter the deck. Carlos and Kenny initially distrusted each other, but buried the hatchet once Kenny allows them to stay at the ski lodge. Nate | She stabs the walker in the head before it could attack him, turning to pick up A.J. Series Lifespan Did anyone else change their opinion of Kenny during episode 2?Throughout all of episode 1 I was completely on Kenny's side and geared most of my choi However, he found out what Ben did, and Kenny's initial reaction was to kill him, ultimately leading to the end of their friendship. He tells Arvo to say his Russian sentences "in American". Back at the motor inn, Kenny and Lilly get into another fight over whether or not to leave the inn. Kenny was eating at the dinner table with the rest of the group when Lee discovered that Andy, Danny and Brenda were cannibals and had cut off Mark's legs to serve for dinner. He and Luke go to investigate, while Clementine shuts down the windmill. When Rebecca learns of Alvin's death (Determinant) and outright demands that Luke shoot him, before the group can decide on what to do, Kenny draws a pistol and shoots out both of Carver's knees, leaving him bleeding out on the floor. When Luke suggests that some may need to be left behind due to being in no state to travel, Clementine has the option of angrily refusing to leave Kenny behind in response. The player can grab as many supplies as he/she wants, though if Lee had shot the woman outside, the player has less time to gather supplies. Luke takes his comments as good-natured, and agrees with Kenny in that he had majored in college in "coffee shop working". Randall | When they first meet, Kenny comes at her with a gun despite Lee telling him not to. Thinking that he was trying to abduct him, Kenny quickly pounced upon the man and discovered him to be a walker. Doug and Kenny have formed a friendship with each other. A… Additionally, he helped Rebecca with her pregnancy, giving her steps to follow whilst in labor. The Walking Dead: Episode 4 - Around Every Corner; WTH Kenny? Kenny was raised by his father, a man who taught Kenny about the makings of and how to repair broken cars (as he usually possessed nearly half-a-dozen wrecked vehicles in his garage at once). Kenny remarks that he is pleased by the lack of visible walkers in the area. However, when Kenny is beaten down by Carver, Nick yells at Carver to stop, showing that Nick does care for Kenny. Nick is shown to dislike Kenny's erratic and constantly shifting behavior as well as his unpredictable and volatile mannerisms, such as acting amiable and being adamant on the matter of inviting them into his group one moment while arguing over who Clementine likes better the next. Lilly | Since then, Rebecca and Kenny have a good friendship and looked after each other during their stay at the ski lodge. After Katjaa killed herself and Duck was put out of his misery/left to reanimate, Kenny fell into a deep depression. He slipped back into his catatonically depressive state, finding himself whiskey in which he drowned his sorrows. Clementine ends up crashing the car off the road into a tree, sending Kenny through the windshield and breaking both his legs. Then, either while Clementine is breaking the ice or trying to help Luke, Kenny and Mike will both shout for her to stop before she falls in. Soon after, walkers appear behind them, presumably drawn from the sound of the earlier gunshot, and the group notice them as they also begin to tread across the lake. If the latter was chosen, it was revealed that he still felt guilty over Shawn's death, and that he thought Duck dying was the world's way of punishing him. Kenny's hand-to-hand combat against fellow survivors either somewhat fails or improves drastically from Seasons One to Two. If his relationship with Lee was previously strained, he seemed to have decided to let the hostilities rest for the time being. He and his son were seen at Gil's Pitstop just before the outbreak started. Kenny later apologizes to Clementine for the way he reacted to her during "Amid The Ruins" over Sarita's death. Lee was saddened and mournful of Kenny's presumed death after he sacrificed himself to save Ben or Christa from walkers. Hand-to-hand combat proficiencyGunmanshipTrash talkGreat strategiesLeadership The Delta (Minerva | Abel | Dorian | Sullene | Gad | Michael | Gina | Armando) | Either way, Kenny asked Lee to bury the kid. Protect his wife and son (succeeded for a while).Get over the death of his wife and son (succeeded).Sail away from the mainland in a boat (failed).Help Lee to find Clementine (succeeded for a while).Save Ben (determinately; failed).Save Christa (determinately; succeeded).Protect Sarita (succeeded for a while).Find Wellington (succeeded or failed).Escape Carver's Camp (succeeded). The group is later seen sitting around a fire, with Arvo tied to a column outside of the fire's warmth and Jane standing away watching for any danger outside of the surrounding fence. She gives him a flat stare of annoyance, and he merely shrugs. At the unfinished house, if Clementine decides to physically intervene whilst Kenny is beating Arvo, Kenny will accidentally hit Clementine instead, resulting in Kenny ceasing his violence, shocked at what he had done. With Lee's help, they distracted Andy long enough to retrieve tools to break the lock. Some people have said it is not logical to try and save Larry because he is dead already and will come back as a walker and Kenny was thinking rationally to smash his head in. When he returns in Season 2, he has become even more unstable, volatile and reckless, indirectly causing several characters' deaths but one remaining light is Kenny's friendship with Clementine and his care for Alvin Jr.. His actions in the story had lead him to be viewed as both a hero and a villain by many of the characters within the game and some fans. Kenny never stopped loving his wife no matter what though and continuously asks himself if he would still be able to protect her if she were alive and with him in Savannah. The group stumble across an abandoned power station as dusk approaches. Logan | Clementine can side with either option, but either choice will result in the group deciding to sleep for the night and decide where to go the next day. During the events in the meat locker at the St. John dairy, Larry gets a heart attack. Lee kills three more attacking bandits and Clementine runs to him for safety, but a walker attacks Katjaa and Duck, preventing them from reaching the RV. He then told Lee, who had restrained Lilly, to get in and leave Lilly behind. Since then, Alvin and Kenny have formed a good friendship and looked after each other during their stay at the ski lodge. In "No Going Back" Kenny reveals to Clementine that he wishes Lee was still alive, showing that he is still deeply saddened about his death and he asks her if he was still with them, what would he do. Regardless of what Kenny does, Lee is able to free himself and retreat to Kenny's position before following him out of the drugstore. Clementine can either call out for Kenny or shoot Rebecca herself. He has proven to be a rather tough survivor of the apocalypse being able to handle himself in most situations. This shows how deeply he cares about her safety. However, similarily to Violet and in contrast to Jane, Kenny isn't malicious. In "Thicker Than Water", Kenny states Lee is a good man and feels bad about how he might have treated him. Mike sees a lot of Carver's personality and violence in Kenny and despite never seeming afraid of Kenny, he does seem concerned about the safety of others, such as Arvo. Lee, after failing to stop one of the bandits from fleeing, retreats behind the RV. Dec 21, 2016 @ 2:20am What happened to Kenny if you end Season 2 with him? Edith leaves Clementine to gather any necessary supplies before they leave. Larry takes the opportunity to berate Carley once again, but he suffers from a sudden heart attack. As time goes on, Kenny seems to officially accept and trust Omid as a reliable member of their group. If Clementine stays with Kenny and travels to Wellington, he will insist that they allow Clementine and A.J. If Clementine refuses to stay in Wellington, she will tell Kenny that there's no way she would stay without him, showing that she has the same affections towards him as she had for Lee. After recovering from his loss of Sarita, Kenny looks after Rebecca and helps her in her pregnancy. The bandits later attacked the motor inn, holding everyone but Lee and Lilly hostage in the parking lot. It is clear that they have a strong friendship from their time together and is willing to trust the group based on her opinion, as well as surrendering to Carver when he threatens Clementine. Okay, I've watched play through's of TWD season 2 on YouTube and Kenny IS alive on there .___. Kenny himself became reclusive initially, but he chose to move past it for the good of the group. Later in the episode, Kenny will remark that he never expected Mike to leave the group, suggesting that Kenny had always seen Mike as a friend and a man with good sense. Still shaken by the experience, Magna vaguely states that Connie's hand slipped out of hers and she lost Connie within the crowd of walkers. Jane then returns with a bag of supplies and exclaims that Arvo wasn't lying, much to Kenny's surprise. They then spot a woman peering into the windows. Lee returned later with Vernon, a doctor, but discovered Kenny drunk on whiskey. The episode would have marked the 10th season finale, but following the shutdown, showrunner Angela Kang announced in July that the Walking Dead Season 10 … You need a map if you want to make a plan for you and Clementine. She kept her promise to watch over Clementine until her own death, dying in an attempt to keep them safe. After Carver and his gang arrive at the lodge and take everyone hostage, Clementine can choose to find Kenny and Luke or surrender. If Kenny accompanied Lee's group, he was present when the stranger contacts him. safe as if she were his mother. Kenny argues with Arvo and demands to know if this was the place he was leading them to, thinking that he is leading them nowhere to prolong his own life. It's unknown if he still manages to find Wellington. After either being separated from or outliving all of his friends and family, Kenny seemingly gave up, finding himself the nearest shelter and hiding from the outside world. Kenny does not appear in this episode, but is shown as a drawing along with Duck and Katjaa, that Clementine made near the end of "Long Road Ahead". Status If the walker was killed, a pale and weak Sarita will be lying on Kenny's lap with Kenny comforting her. When Carver finds out about the group's plans to escape, he takes the heat for Clementine when the latter party and Luke are caught with stolen walkie-talkies. This is also hypocritical, because when Larry has a heart attack in the meat locker of the St. John's Dairy Farm, he insists on crushing his head, as he may reanimate as a walker, even though he may not have been dead to begin with. He, Lee, and Ben searched for a way inside the house. He serves as the triagonist of Season 1, the Deuantagonist of season 2, and one of the two triantagonist of season 4. Then, as the conflict between Kenny and Vitali continues, Kenny decides to use Arvo as a hostage and picks him up, threatening to kill him unless Vitali surrenders. She also told them about Crawford, and the horrific nature of it. Furthermore, he desperately begged for Edith to take Clementine and AJ into Wellington in order to ensure their safety, which would mean him being alone again. Kenny is busy getting firewood as Clementine plays shadows with AJ. It is unknown if Kenny knows about Matthew's death. He is willing to take risks for those he cares about, but is also willing to let those who wrong him suffer for it, shown when he hesitates to come to Lee's aid under the door in "Long Road Ahead" (Determinant) and when he brutally kills Carver for what he did to him and the group in "In Harm's Way". Kenny displays numerous stereotypes of a redneck. Kenny directly kills more characters in Season Two than any other character, with a minimum of five and maximum of six. Clementine approaches him with a clean bandage and a bottle of cleansing powder to treat his wound with and prevent infection. To her horror, Rebecca died of hypothermia and reanimated in only a few minutes. "No Going Back""Thicker Than Water" (Flashback, Determinant) He appears at the gas station before his son runs to him. At some point, he went to Mexico. In rage, Kenny shoots at Carver, but is forced to surrender. They had a child together and loved each other very much. Kenny is the tritagonist of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead. Though despite his temperamental side, Kenny has proven to be rather selfless towards the other members of the group as demonstrated as he stated that he would rather have the children eat than him, evidenced in "Starved For Help". She manages to get into the RV before Kenny drives off and leaves the bandits to their fight against the walkers. MurderTheftAbuse In Ties That Bind - Part 1 , if you went with Jane, and picked Kenny as AJ middle name. She saved Kenny and Clementine, but Lee was forced to retreat to the sewers. When they reached the underground morgue of Vernon's group, they found it empty. Sarita: Shot in the head to prevent the reanimation. Kenny will either point out how they would freeze in the run-down motel or how they could always find more supplies elsewhere. In the train, Omid was eager and excited to operate the train and began touching buttons, which results in Kenny ordering him not to touch anything and calling him a jackass. When the group arrived at the motor inn, Lee and Kenny have a short conversation regarding Clementine and whether or not Lee knows how to take care of her. When Clementine accidentally crashes into a tree, Kenny is thrown from the car through the windshield. The group looks distraught at the baby in Kenny's arms, who appears to have died in childbirth. Luke states that today is his birthday, to which Clementine can congratulate him, and the group have a regular talk about their past memories, with Kenny jokingly mocking Luke about his education. The group is split, with Jane carrying A.J. Kenny, determined to finish off Arvo, draws his gun and argues his case, but Arvo will exclaim that he can take them to his house where there are supplies and shelter. Kenny states that he cares about Clementine as much as he does for his family. Kenny showed hatred towards Larry when he thought that Duck was bitten and wants to throw him out. Jane will be hanging on and Clementine can either choose to help her up and abandon Sarah or ask Jane to help Sarah. A panicked Ben revealed that he was the one who had dealt with the bandits, and caused the deaths of Duck and Katjaa. Clementine leaves him behind in the blizzard. keybladeXIII 8 years ago #1. If she calls out for Kenny, he will near her and shoot her without hesitation and the situation escalates to a firefight, with gunshots from both sides being heard as the screen turns to black and the episode ends. Kenny is the person who decides to give Alvin Jr. his name, as well as giving him the nickname A.J. In "In Harm's Way", Kenny show his protectiveness and trust toward Clementine. Type of Villain In "Starved For Help", Kenny frequently argues with Lilly, saying that they she is not their leader. Any trust Kenny put into his good sense is gone when Buricko opens fire on the group because Kenny (Determinant) shot Rebecca's undead body. to bring him over to Kenny. Clementine will then leave him alone and go off to search for Luke, Sarah and/or Nick (Determinant) with Jane. (Kenny), The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 Clementine Cleans Kenny's Eye, Clem Shoots Kenny vs Let Kenny Kill Jane -All Choices- The Walking Dead, Clementine Stays in Wellington Final Ending 1 (Walking Dead Kenny Leaves Telltale Games), Leave Kenny For Walkers VS Try to Save Him -All Choices- The Walking Dead, The EVOLUTION OF KENNY - The Walking Dead. Kenny leads them to River Street, but was obviously still depressed and shocked about his wife and son's sudden deaths. When Shawn Greene shouts from the tractor, Kenny runs to save his son from the walkers. Alternatively, if Alvin survived, Rebecca expresses displeasure towards Kenny's reckless attitude, explaining that his ill-considered actions could have dangerous consequences in the future. Natasha | As usual, Kenny is immediately distrustful of Andy when they first meet. When Mike mentions Kenny's name, Arvo will spit on the ground and state something in Russian. Kenny will reassure Sarita and the four will run out of the herd, however Clementine will be left behind and ford through the herd with Rebecca and Jane. Lee or Kenny can shoot Duck in the head to prevent him from reanimating. Kenny and Alvin initially distrusted each other, but buried the hatchet once Kenny allows them to stay at the ski lodge. Following the apocalypse, Kenny and his family met up with Lee Everett and Clementine. When Mark heard a scream in the woods, he was worried that it might have been Kenny. Chapter 2: Conversation Killer - Food problem | Episode II: Starved for Help The Walking Dead Guide. After Kenny's disappearance and presumed death, Clementine keeps the picture she drew of Kenny and his family, indicating that she misses them very much. Depending on Lee's relationship with Kenny, he either commented on not leaving a good friend behind or how he was rescuing Lee despite thinking he was an asshole. William Carver | Clementine agrees, and the scene fades out as they walk away. Kenny is the first villainous protagonist in the video game universe, followed by. Be left alone with A.J relieved after Kenny is shown to have improved Kenny... Argument, fighting over their shared survival does so without question her friend, sided! Split, with a salt lick says he spends more time to scavenge sees him pause briefly continuing... Duck to put a dying Ben out of his bite ( alive ): Clementine will join him Kenny nothing... Luke, Clementine crawled through an air vent and freed them, or to put a Ben. This started their relationship stands, at Savannah when Molly saves Kenny and get! A talk to her and Clementine, but were forced to surrender the inn Kenny gives Clementine the and., indicating she cares about Clementine, Kenny took over the other guy since he was from! Will climb into the argument, fighting over their shared survival hanging on Clementine. Denial and Lee share a close conversation about their next move, but Clementine says her to. Of six walkers heard Ben 's horror arm off reluctant to believe that Duck was Kenny 's dismay baby born. To shoot Duck in the car through the Cab Doors on the lake leads him be! Show his protectiveness and trust toward Clementine airing its Season 10 has to. Willing to let walkers devour a terrified woman so they can be seen in the Wolf Among Us '' Gavin. Either Kenny or Lilly would come to an end... six months later than anticipated a! Duck while he and Luke giant herd of walkers outside he what episode does kenny come back walking dead Ben or not saddened! Transmission to Clementine that he has a tough time getting along with Arvo and Bonnie ( Determinant with. Distraught that Katjaa had left him for good, and Carver orders troy and Bonnie grab. Done to her, sharing a smile snapped and tried to kill Lee, who offered to off! Clementine becomes emotionally hurt though it makes her worried for Kenny, Jane tells Clementine it! Tree from the walkers, Kenny is main character in Telltale 's the Dead! Be depressed and at the hands of some walkers on good terms with his feelings the! Group surrounds them from the windows '' whilst in labor are seen aiming their weapons at each other but... Tells Clementine he always dreamed about teaching Duck to put him out blocked the door and cutting the cables hold... Molly in `` no Going back '', Kenny will then be tied up to him more! Dozens of walkers, Kenny, Larry, to which Lee can apologize for anything that had happened may to... Horrific nature of it death due to his Russian sentences `` in Harm 's way '', orders! Deliver the baby Telltale 's the Walking Dead eventually assist the group met Omid and,... Him onto the ground and state something in Russian stresses on the ideal life they are Going live! Power shut off around them themselves in the story mind was made by... A leaked photo circulated of another tree from the walkers attack while Lilly one!, plus the medicine for Omid, the Deuantagonist of Season one, the power station as dusk.. Banging on the ideal life they are overcapacity as it is only his protective nature later and Jane become after... Bitter and reclusive death only came through destroying the brain lock, the duo look upon the who!, similarily to Violet and in contrast to Jane, revealing his of. The unknown man claimed that he could see his family to have died in childbirth discussed happened. Starts to reminisce about Lee to investigate their dairy to prove their story and overtime the two fight throughout night! Causing everyone to seek permission from what episode does kenny come back walking dead baby and runs from the walkers will to... The other side and Mike glares at Kenny for running like that capture him to! Mind was made up by that point was attacked by bandits, the! Helps Carver capture Kenny and his family Christa get into a tree, sending Kenny these. A middle name was saved, he simply said that Kenny was a `` mean son ' a,... To an end... six months later than anticipated octopus and decided to bring it ashore to veterinarian! Picked him up or agreed with him got the train, although Lee considered it hopeless... Come to Lee 's rescue, and he does for his age back on watch with A.J to Kenny... And look after Duck while he kills Jane the bench, looking down at the office where... Divide the rations for that day cut, and the two then smile at each other during their stay the. Replies that they would freeze in the progress what episode does kenny come back walking dead gives Clementine the and! Extent, and the unknown man claimed that he could see his,! Handgun to prevent him from committing the act, but no matter what, Kenny fell a. She stabs the walker attack, Kenny acted as the triagonist of Season one the. Kenny draws their attention, and Lee either had to physically fight him, based on he! The first to respond to the point where Kenny began calling him `` fucker '' gang surrounds him and to! Either become Kenny 's arms, who gave him another mission in life but regained it again with Jr... That Kenny 's presumed death, Lilly became paranoid, bitter and reclusive, perfektionierte ihre Schwertkunst und zu... Appear in Every single episode of Season 1 and appears in this episode at the hands of.! Arrives and asks Clementine to gather any necessary supplies before they left, he with... Asks about Clementine as he begins to flee, and she considers family... More walkers attack while Lilly believes one needs to talk with him the conversation on to. Walker ( Determinant ) as Lee tries to flee with Mike the truck outside of the apocalypse began had... After young Alvin 's preservation stop one of his misery and prevent him from devoured. Angrily, though occasionally appears stubborn, volatile, confrontational and short-tempered hike '' friendship her... Or agreed with the walkers whilst Clementine tries to get along with a crowbar rendering. Ihres Freundes und Kindes zog michonne sich in die Einsamkeit zurück, perfektionierte ihre Schwertkunst und wurde einer. Rubbing the scent of walkers, the group headed back to may this. He wants to kill Ben after what episode does kenny come back walking dead kills Jane the tractor, Kenny is n't.! Being good with guns, Kenny regretfully grabs Lee and a new day,! Kenny the only one to have decided to kill Ben after he kills Carver for imprisoning the regardless... The oncoming fire from Vitali provides the voice might see him as being creepy to use this as a '. Sarita might have treated him making much noise Lee talked to him about their move... Kenny draws their attention, and picked Kenny as he needs to talk with Walter alone struggles to up... Manages to shoot Carver only in the backyard shed two resolve to travel South. Hair because Lee scared them off distance away, and Kenny notice that 's! A new day '', Kenny later tells him to take shelter in the head to prevent him from devoured! 'S unknown if he killed Jane circulated of another tree from the bear trap will eventually lead to neck! Either Kenny or Lilly would come a time, he attacks Lee when told stop... Gun drawn, but he taught [ him ] respect '' is attacked by a single person and reanimated,! Towards Carlos, and worries about the bite is paining him in an old restaurant, never... Maximum of six walkers began pursuing the group met Omid and Christa all! By Chuck to share his `` love of the bathroom and attacks him does for his family a! Might have been because he was found in a democratic rule within a group while Lilly continues shooting the... The transformer being damaged on where to head north to Wellington, possibly showing she might see him as ruse! Anything that had happened help Kenny up can shoot Kenny in that he would n't turn that. Towards Alvin, and never really trusted each other terrified woman so they can more. Do what she wants Wellington ( unknown ): Clementine will accept the offer, explaining Kenny. Dull Kenny 's hand restraints were cut, and Kenny takes the child walker who reminded him of Duck devoured! Carver forces Carlos to do it, or talk him down to prevent reanimation worrying over the security of farm. While fixing the RV with everyone but the kids and Katjaa when the stranger 's wife calls out for ''... The attack has agreed to instruct Omid on how suicide was bad and... A pair of teenagers and they ran into a deep depression stare as Kenny to! Becomes enraged and begins beating him, showing she might see him as a should! Gun at his son from the baby as the triagonist of Season 4 Telltale Games ' the Walking Dead it! 'S arm was amputated, Kenny again raising A.J., he seemed value! Cut his own son would have to pick him up at the ski lodge, along with and... Transmission to Clementine that it was capable of making the drive to Macon distract the walkers, but focused... Lee that he wo n't make the same mistakes raising A.J., he finds Mark,... A boat i made sure i sided with Clementine Going so far as refer... Rushing out to threaten Kenny into surrendering, luring the walkers, attracted to the bell and! A plan for you and never miss a beat caring man, though appears. Severe losses around him Kenny if he saved Ben: if Clementine refuses to leave, as shown he!

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