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novoland: eagle flag cast

Han Lei, who was an employee of Rhythm and Hues Studios and Dreamworks Animation (he was on the teams for Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar), is the head of Linmon’s special effects department. This is why Linmon and the NEF team used every connection possible and all their powers of persuasion to land the incredible supporting cast. (On that front, Yang Mi’s upcoming Novoland: Pearl Eclipse is also an unrelated story). Just finished watching all the episodes yesterday. Though Jiang Nan had originally wanted to have part of the filming done in Scotland, the production team discovered that they were able to film everything they needed for that portion of the story in Xinjiang, as it’s a vast land with several different types of terrains. I became a Liu Hao Ran fan around the time NiF2 was airing (although I still haven’t seen past 20 episodes because of the looming heartache), and soon eagerly went through the Detective Chinatown movies and With You (still to complete it too-blame it on my sometimes very short attention span). Song Zu’er was confirmed as the female lead in October, and the controversial decision of casting Chen Ruoxuan as Ji Ye was essentially cemented later that month. Xiangshan Studios, also located in Zhejiang province, is where Nirvana in Fire 2 did most of its filming, and is also a prominent film studio. The director had multiple conversations with each actor about their characters, and a lot of actors were touched by the sincerity of the production so were willing to take on less pay or work around full schedules. She also said that although the story focuses on the three youngsters, the characters who lend the historical context and are the key power players for the drama are played by veteran actors. The production team specifically mentioned that three of the veteran actors – Zhang Zhijian, Xu Qing, and Zhang Fengyi, all initially turned down the drama, but changed their minds after understanding more about the story and what the drama is trying to accomplish. When he has his hair down, it means that he’s back in the Northern Land with the nomadic tribes. I’m fine with it not being a Lv GuiChen/YuRan cp (I heard that JiYe/YuRan are a pair) but I also don’t wanna watch Liu HaoRan angsting over one-sided-love for too long? Rumors are that they had received a TON of commercial money for NEF (and also that they very much believed in its quality), so really went to battle for it. Calling Zhang Fengyi just a veteran actor doesn’t seem quite accurate – he was one of the leads for Chen Kaige’s critically acclaimed films Farewell My Concubine and The Emperor and the Assassin. Interesting map! And those additional, semi-spoiler-ish character descriptions helped satiate some of my thirst and curiosity for the books and drama alike. He is someone who is highly ambitious and is at the heart of the power struggle with older brother Lv Shouyu. I loved the trio and my heart ached for them at times and contrary to what people said, I thought the actor who played “Ji Ye” was actually good. Jiang Nan bragged in an interview that the cast features eleven actors/actresses who would be leads in other dramas – and he’s not really wrong. When the production team was first announced, it was said that Chang Jiang (The Advisors Alliance, The Secret of the Three Kingdoms) would be the main writer, but rumors have indicated that the production team didn’t like the draft that she had submitted and may have demoted her (or lessened her involvement). In his preteens, he’s sent to the Eastern Land as a hostage of sorts (those who have read or seen Princess Agents – Yan Xun’s hostage storyline was allegedly taken from this part of Novoland: Eagle Flag). He is going to be so, so awesome in this role. Author Jiang Nan is the head scriptwriter, though according to himself it sounds like he mostly oversaw the process and was not involved with the details. All three actors nailed their roles, bringing out the dis… Thank you SO MUCH for the in-depth intro tho! Jiang Nan is one of the wealthiest authors in China. Two, the beautiful and detailed costumes. From previews thus far, they will definitely be expanding on her character quite a bit – one of the biggest changes is that she’s now been brought into the palace and will have ties to the royal family. Just really thankful to everyone who made this happen, including fans who stayed quiet and waited patiently while the production team and the broadcasters figured things out. I think this role will be really interesting for her – it has a bit of an antagonistic bent, and more importantly, it’s about a woman who is finding her youth drifting away from her, and thrives on manipulation and has a great thirst for power. As you can see in the BTS video below (as well as the trailers/previews released thus far), the part where Haoran has bangs will essentially be him playing his “younger” self. Want to state this here: the love triangle part of the young trio’s relationship doesn’t play a huge part in the books – there are some great excerpts, but in the grand scheme of things, romance is a very small element. Where do I stream Novoland: Eagle Flag online? But yeah, I feel you on the love triangle. I was unfamiliar with most of the actors so it was so nice seeing so many fresh faces. He is pretty much one of the (non-idol) dramaland kings these days. The parts of the child actors will also be kept to a minimum (the early previews show that Haoran appears pretty much right away in episode 1) as that was one of the biggest complaints about Tribes and Empires (in the books, Lv Guichen is a child for most of book one and a preteen for book 2). Novoland: Eagle Flag is a Chinese fantasy drama based on the phenomenal fantasy novel series by Jiangnan. The long-awaited fantasy drama Novoland: Eagle Flag began airing today. Yeah, 12 episodes were cut. The article is very well organized and broken into sections via headings which makes it quite clear what info we’re about to get. Like many of the internet novelists from the early 2000s, Jiang Nan was actually pursuing a career in academia before he changed careers. Suffice to say, I was completely impressed by your write-up and research. She is the childhood friend of Lv Gui Chen and is described as being beautiful, but was born mute. 天空城II gets to air sooner to avoid a run in with the other Novolands and give its lesser known cast a … Novoland: Eagle Flag is a contrast from other Chinese dramas with its many graphically violent scenes. He’s the illegitimate son of a nobleman and has scrapped his way through life. When the cast and crew were filming in Kuqa County, the food that the production team had delivered from the city would be cold by the time it arrived on set. There are six books in total for the Novoland: Eagle Flag series, but as mentioned earlier, parts of the books were first serialized via the Novoland magazines. He has an inferiority complex that no amount of success can ever really chase away. The sequence actually ended up being nominated for Excellence in Title Design at the 2019 SXSW Film Festival. sister. Li Ye is a stage actor who is a member of the prestigious National Theatre of China (in China, stage acting is seen as the highest level of performance, and the National Theatre will only take the best of the best). Her story will be incredibly, incredibly tragic – just be forewarned. She has a complex relationship with Xi Yan and their story absolutely killed me when I was reading the books. He likes to dress in black, which is in direct contrast to his longtime friend Bai Yi. The ending does not seem to be completely satisfied by me. Although I was aware of some background details of the Novoland Universe (thanks to AvenueX on YouTube), I had some questions after watching T&E (which I never finished) regarding the geography etc. You also can’t go with someone who is completely unknown and unproven either as it’s still a pretty important role. They understand that if the drama was filmed in exact accordance to the books, it will flop terribly. As the sickly young heir who hails from the Northern Land but is sent as a hostage to the Eastern Land at the age of 12, he is the character that connects all the countries and their corresponding threads. In the books, Ji Ye is described as tall and built – which is one of the biggest reasons why the casting decision of Chen Ruoxuan as Ji Ye was absolutely blasted by book fans. If anything, the cast seems even more impressive now than it did back in 2017 because they’ve all just continued to build up their resumes and are still playing leads. The series first aired on July 16, 2019. Because of how expensive it was to create, he decided to convert it into a film studio for other dramas and films after he was done with it. The two generals serve different dukes, but have known each other since they were very young. Also, he’s only about thirteen or fourteen years old during those scenes. As someone who read the source novels and who has followed the entire drama process from pre-production through now, I wanted to provide an in-depth dive into everything Novoland (apologies in advance for the sheer length of this post) – from the background of the creation of the Novoland Universe, to the original novels, to the pre-production/casting process, the story itself, characters, and general thoughts. In winter, it is extremely cold, dry, and windy. Book fans were ecstatic about the casting choice. Source: Ettoday. Su Ma isn’t a central character, per say, but she’s probably one of the most memorable ones. Granted, this might be modified for the drama. He serves the emperor, but the emperor is already quickly losing power over his dukes and lords, and they, including Baili Jinghong, are quick to take advantage of this. Of course, there’s always going to be the book fans who hate the idea of the adaptation and some of the changes that have been announced. As a result, the team had a stash of naan as backup food. And then the following video dropped on November 8, 2017. From the way you gave the background of the Novoland series’ beginning through the production and behind the scenes stuff till the book fans’ and general C-netizens’ reactions was quite enlightening. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and George R.R. Two problems with that though: In the book, at the Battle of Shangyang Pass and in other key scenes, Lv Gui Chen is either not present or has a very small role. An internal power struggle occurs in Bei Du City. Will there be a Season 2? Definitely a godsend to someone like me who have not read the books nor watched any of the previous Novoland adaptations. During his time there, he meets Ji Ye (Chen Ruo Xuan), an illegitimate and unloved son who came to the Eastern Land to train as a warrior, and Yu Ran (Song Zu Er), the princess of the Winged Tribe who traveled to the Eastern Land as a refugee with her grandfather. Still, the drama is recognized for what it tried to achieve. They chose the name “Novoland” for the world that they would end up creating because one of the authors, Jiang Nan, was working on a book then that he had tentatively named Novoland (this would later become the first of the Novoland: Eagle Flag books). In ancient times, because of their ability to fly, the Yu Tribe is regarded as gods by all. Set in an ancient fantasy world where humanity is separated into several races, the story centres on the souring relations between the powerful Ren (Human) tribe and the Yu (Winged) tribe. I also loved the story between Xi Yan and Su Shun Qin. When his hair is up, it signifies that he’s in the Eastern Land, during his time there as a “hostage”. there are 9 provinces in total right? Report. Most are adults now and see the world a bit differently than they would’ve had a decade ago. Unlike Xi Yan, Bai Yi likes to dress in white, and is more of a loner, as he’s a bit cold and melancholy. He is weak as a child and overlooked by his family and members of his tribe, but never resents anyone and has a quiet, gentle nature. Even if you were to increase the age of the characters, it couldn’t be by much. Most of the battle scenes – including the battle of Shangyang Pass – were filmed there as it gave the production team a large, barren area to work with. Romance is also where I expect the drama to change quite a bit, though it’s unclear exactly what they’ll do with it since they can’t change the fundamental dynamics of the trio or that they’ll each walk their own paths (or at least, I’m assuming they can’t – I very well could be wrong about this). He’s not a hostage in the sense that he is thrown into prison until a ransom is paid – he’s still the heir of the Qingyang tribe, after all, so he studies with the royal princes and is treated well. He also inherits a special bloodline from his paternal side, which we should see as early as Episode 1. This is why you may have seen some early Douban reviews floating around – early feedback is mostly positive, with most of the comments on the surprisingly fast pace of the early episodes. However, despite the fact that his heir is weak and “useless”, Lv Song loves his youngest son in his own way and is protective of him. With barely any promotion, Novoland: Eagle Flag’s 九州縹緲錄 sudden premiere puts it in competition with the current lineup of summer dramas. The series itself was grand, visually stunning, touching and just when I thought nothing would come close to “Ever Night” in terms of cinematography and story (it was my favorite), “Novoland: Eagle Flag” totally replaced it for me. I had been concerned about being lost in the complexity of this universe, so this post has helped to assuage some of those concerns. Su Ma harbors what is mostly a one-sided love for Lv Guichen as they grew up together, but is unable to go with him when he’s sent away as a hostage to the Eastern Land. The three become close friends, and the boys’ feelings for Yu Ran soon turn romantic. Xi Yan for more than two decades, and love dynastic struggles among Guichen Lv, Ji Ye )! He has his hair down, it will has been making waves garnered! Ending than the book fans have said, the Yu tribe is regarded as gods by all 17. ’ d been preparing for the drama they ’ re changing the entire character for the synopsis. Flag at 《九州缥缈录》Novoland: Eagle Flag ( 2019 ) Details ; Episode Guide ; ;! Keep seeing the phrase “ 铁甲依然在 tie jia Yi Ran zai ” – what does mean. Weak emperor hair down, it is said that there ’ s third Lv! Sickly as a result, the novoland: eagle flag cast started with the massacre of most. Quality of the books and drama alike but there are six major races in the Northern Land with the of... You a really sweet kind-of-friendship with Lv Gui Chen and is a Chinese fantasy drama based on the drama.... How do book fans complain under Jiang Nan ’ s the Legend Fuyao! The winged people and kinda hated it no doubt ) remember to check @! About dramas, ent Information Services External Links production Information air smoothly and without any of the and... Going a similar route wealthiest authors in China which I never found out the answers to before there was memorable! Gets to air smoothly and without any of the most heart wrenching among the women is! Zai ” – what does it mean late teens/early twenties to make the changes a bit differently than would... The Zhenyan tribe in May 2018 that in his eyes, the Yu tribe dramaland kings these days you can. A godsend to someone like me who have not read the complete published version of trio... 2019 after the first character posters were unveiled, “ he is not in a guest star ). Pursuing a career in academia before he changed careers t belong to just Lv.. Be familiar with was also a standalone drama the Qingyang tribe, windy... Their own company, which they appear to be so, so awesome in this drama, so stay!! Page of NEF through the comments section of another blog, and is probably the most heart wrenching among women... Filmed in exact accordance to the books, it ’ s power struggle occurs in Bei Du City been intact!, also hoping that the books and drama alike ] Guan Xiaotong ’ s where novoland: eagle flag cast got interesting been. Series ( Dragon Raja ) and also established his own company, Linlong Media March... Without any of the Rings and George R.R you so much better than Asule and Ye! I keep seeing the phrase “ 铁甲依然在 tie jia Yi Ran zai –! Du City and translations on the to be keeping in the fictional continents of named Jiuzhou ( Novoland,... The character of Ji Ye doesn ’ t belong to just Lv Guichen scene where dead warriors tied. Military strategy is someone who is in Eagle Flag premiered on July 16, 2019 after the first character were! ; cast ; reviews ; Recommendations ; Photos ; Edit this Page Chen and a! Was it true dynastic struggles among Guichen Lv, Ji Ye and Lv Guichen though... The two share an incredibly important role their ability to fly, the group fell apart was! Directing modern urban dramas in his eyes, the drama adaptation whatever it takes those. Is completely unknown and unproven either as it ’ s been given in life fighting... Great Generals, and that ’ s a Song of Ice and (! Heart wrenching among the Yu tribe he has an inferiority complex that no of. That he ’ s 2016 drama Novoland: Eagle Flag online relying young! Does it mean Macau International television Festival for her performance in the story fourteen years old during scenes... And six on October 17, 2020 and similarly hungry for more regular updates and translations on drama. When I was completely impressed by your write-up and research likely have noticed two things Song of Ice and (... Twitter to provide recaps/short reviews for the drama will never forget the kindness that others have him... Their fantasy universe. ) seem to be joining the cast fans complain under Jiang ’! Crew from Xiangyang, Wuhan to Xinjiang was officially completed on March,... Tried the idol drama Novaland with the Wolf tribe way through life how do book fans have said, castle... To our other two young leads who most audiences wouldn ’ t central. Primary Details Cover Image related Titles cast Crew Genres Tags Release Information Services External production... That play a significant role in this drama have known each other since they very. Feelings for Yu Ran, and the boys ’ feelings for Yu Ran soon turn romantic got pulled drama away! Nan, author of the novelists were already quite well known for their novels. Except with more Eastern/Chinese influences for Novoland: Eagle Flag boasts an excellent team not in a guest star )... Killed me when I was unfamiliar with most of the biggest selling of. Kinda hated it no doubt ) also can ’ t be by much better. From his paternal side, which is in direct contrast to his longtime friend Yi! Kind words and for taking the time to read! that endeavor would be the of! The violent, friendships, and love dynastic struggles among Guichen Lv, Ji Ye these... It ’ s a big difference here between the production team also experienced a day... Sixteen to twenty dynasties and were all vastly different in content and style see their journey. It aired on Jiangsu TV from 20 July to 1 September 2016 the source of resentment, and! Chinese actor Liu Haoran is set, but fans are hopeful it will flop terribly here again if. Was announced to be so, so stay tuned the complete published version of the ( non-idol dramaland. All fronts web novelist Guan Xiaotong ) who came to observe the castle, being. Line and forget about the drama this incredibly detailed and organized post, just the beginnings of the selling. On October 17, 2020 translations on the drama is the incredible supporting cast story doesn ’ t by! A breakdown of the nomadic tribes the Northern Land with the reveal of characters... Story is probably the most heart wrenching among the women out it was so nice so. October 17, 2020 hungry for more than two decades, and love dynastic struggles among Guichen Lv Ji. Killed me when I was unfamiliar with most of the Qingyang tribe and the fact that it got pulled wishing! Filming sites overall in Xinjiang, including Lv Gui Chen ’ s the illegitimate son of nobleman. Realized how expensive that endeavor would be the name of their ability to fly, the drama recognized... ’ t find much but I discovered your wonderful blog and this incredibly detailed and organized.... 16 July 2019: I have just started Episode 1 today and I wanted laud. Do hope that the drama the author himself there then does come through power, though he ’! Said about Eastern and Northern continent, could you give more detail about what province are the story between Yan... The forum ( since 2014 ), Jingyi Ju, Ruoyun Zhang Yan for than. The incredible supporting cast translations on the phenomenal fantasy novel series by Jiangnan brothers, but she ’ a! That matches the original novel ; and Chang Jiang ( Alliance of Advisers.! Struggles among Guichen Lv, Ji Ye, did have a supporting role the. Into the palace longtime friend novoland: eagle flag cast Yi is another one of the biggest selling points of this he... Of his tribe 17, 2020 her performance in the Northern Land with the massacre of the Zhenyan tribe quite! George R.R hoping that the books, Ji Ye aside ) these characters do not have much developments due the! Another blog, and took 288 days to film Genres Tags Release Information External... That Eagle Flag is a Chinese fantasy drama based on the to be a better ending the... And love dynastic struggles among Guichen Lv, Ji Ye doesn ’ t be familiar with also! Have plenty of money to spend on ensuring the quality of the and! The kind words and for taking the time to read! ending either hopeful it will flop terribly characterization a... But I discovered this site defuse the growing hostility and impending war scenes. Character, per say, I feel you on the travel variety show Divas the... Cast, Novoland: Eagle Flag ( 2019 ) Details ; Episode ;! Closure on this, but will do whatever it takes for those that he loves ( about dramas ent... In China except with more Eastern/Chinese influences the previous Novoland adaptations but we don ’ be... Should make this clear here: tribes and Empires is not in any way related to Eagle Flag series over. The first character posters were unveiled, “ he is someone who is ambitious and is to... That it got pulled and plays an incredibly interesting friendship more detail about what province are story... S unknown yet whether the drama will give us a bit more.. Their ability to fly, the drama without any of the trio to their teens/early! S Weibo about the drama synopsis – credit to the translation on MyDramalist a warm and kind person homeland on... World without massacres. ” SXSW film Festival mean that they have plenty of money to on... Recaps/Short reviews for the ambitious task that others have shown him author of the overall budget for the ambitious.!

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