Night Clubs

Explore the limits of your Bhutanese experience with a night spent dancing with friends and family in some of the best nightclubs in this little corner of the Himalayas.
The capital may be small but some of its nightclubs have hosted big names such as Mick Jagger, Cameron Diaz, Sting, Matt Dillon… The list goes on. That is testimony in itself to Bhutanese nightclubs’ quality standards in terms of ambience, entertainment, food and music. Below is Little Bhutan’s pick of the best clubs in Thimphu:


If you’re looking to spend a fun-filled night with Thimphu’s young rebels, rockers and ravers, then Vivacity is the nightclub for you. The contagious energy of Vivacity is maintained throughout the weekend as hordes of youthful patrons spend the night dancing under neon lights to reggae, rap, rock, hip-hop and what have you. If dancing is not your thing – don’t worry, you can sit in the lounge with likeminded people and treat yourself to a live performance as you sip on your drink.

Mojo Park

Mojo Park is a live music venue bang in the heart of Thimphu city. Every weekend and on weekdays the club features local bands and bands from the region that belt out music of all genre. Once inside, guests will discover why Mojo Park is so popular with locals and expatriates alike. Perhaps, it’s got to do with its laidback setting. It is the perfect venue if you want to skip the usual lines, neon lights and smoky rooms of other Thimphu clubs. The mood in Mojo Park is always electrifying and very contagious. So, beware!

Club Ace

Pumped with electronic music and young locals, this place is known for great music and incredible lighting. You won’t run into too many travelers here, but what you’ll find are cool vibes that add just the perfect touch of energy to the already passionate crowd of young dancers who aren’t too shy about showing off their moves in the mirrored dance floor. Here, the authentic Bhutanese spirit remains, even as a youthful crowd bombards the dance floor to some mainstream jams.

Space 34

Space34 is a preferred destination for nighttime revelers and partygoers of all age groups. Located in the heart of the city, Space34 nightclub & lounge has been rocking the night scene for over 10 years now. With a live music bar (The Divine Madman’s Corner), a dance floor (Illuminati) and a smoking bar area (Ice & Smokes) the club is a one-stop shop whereby one can dine, drink and enjoy a band perform live before heading to the dance floor to complete the evening. The idea, we reckon, is to wrap up a night all within one sophisticated space –Space34.

Pubs, Resto Bar & Karaoke Bar

Some of the best Bar are :-

  • The Zone
  • Yu Wang Restaurant & Cafe
  • The Taste


  • Mayfair Spa Resort & Casino
  • Casino Mahjong
  • Royal Casino


Bhutan markets are colourful heaps of shawls, sweaters, coats and trinkets of turquoise and coral. The women in their traditional attire (“bakus”) may not speak your language but will help you make the right choice. The Handicraft Emporium in the main street in Thimphu sells an assortment of hand-woven goods and handicrafts. You can order silver and gold ornaments to your taste at the Thimphu Valley and they will specially craft it for you. Thangka paintings and Bhutanese stamps make great souvenirs. Philatelists around the world prize these stamps, which are printed on silk and metal foil. Some stamps even have a 3D effect.