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types of koi fish

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of maintaining natural aquatic plants, you can also purchase artificial pond plants that readily available on online stores such as amazon. The black koi fish is categorized further depending on the types of fish markings present on its overall body. As this breed gradually becomes more popular, it is eventually recognized as a group of its own. A helpful hint is by knowing that the darker pattern of Koromo is usually in shades rather than a sharp color, except for older Koromo. Preferably, the fins should be fully white. Spotting the features that will make the goromo koi a definite winner, is particularly hard even for an expert in breeds of koi. … Bekko. The purachina ogon or the platinum ogon is the second in terms of popularity. They were especially desirable among German chefs because they were easy to prepare. The only Hariwake koi with a picture that we have right now. Kikoryu was first bred as from kumonryu and platinum ogon. Other Kikokuryu varieties: Ginga / Beni Ginga / Hirenaga Kin Kikokuryu. Not to mention these plants serve as perfect hiding spaces for your koi, especially during the breeding season. Types of Koi. Some of the most commonly considered features by experts on breeds of koi are the coloration, fish markings, and koi scales. Koi experts have varied opinions on different types of koi fish based on their body shapes, fins, colors, and patterns. Having different types of koi in their ponds is a dream come true for all koi fish hobbyists. Join our community, get tips and advice, and find out more about the wonderful world of life under the water! Its ancestor is the stunning hybrid showa sanshoku koi fish. The Koromo is a white-colored base Koi with red markings and a tinge of darkish blue (gets darker as the koi age increases). (Click to go straight into a specific section, or keep reading below). Pearl Gourami is a type of fish that belongs to the Anabantoidei or the Gourami family. Among the three types of koi, the Ai goromo is the most preferred koi fish. Most koi keepers’ transition into the hobby with their very first goldfish. Much like the Kohaku and bekko koi fish, the doitsu koi also has a peculiar history. “I’m one of the oldest Koi breed, but certainly not obsolete.”. The average age for a koi to live is around 25-35 years in captivity. Koi Fish. This program helps us to pay for site hosting and other expenses. The asagi koi is undoubtedly not a metallic koi, meaning they do not have the classic sheen on their bodies. It is satisfying to watch your koi swim to the surface with their gleaming bodies. This koi is easily recognizable as one of the more popular types of koi fish. This variety is quite popular among koi keepers for its ease of maintaining the skin quality, while also being some of the more affordable Koi (excluding very high quality specimen). Taisho Sanshoku. The three most common varieties are in the "GOSANKE" category. An ideal Bekko has clear markings and no blemishes on its head. The goromo koi fish receives a relatively more significant adoration among other types of koi, both in Japan and internationally. Tutorials and Guides for Keeping Fish and All Things Aquariums​. The dark red pattern on the koi head is present centrally between the eyes of the tancho koi. Doitsu. This type of koi fish is also very diverse and unique. The black koi carp, also known as the magoi koi, was first introduced in Japan from China in the 200 BC. The more round-shaped is better, as well as bigger size of the patch and a sharper red color. Aka Bekko has red body with black markings and the Ki Bekko (yellow body) is the rarest Bekko koi. They also share some similarities to metallic koi, the difference being that metallic ones aren’t so shiny and reflective in the light. But we do know where to find information on identifying varieties of koi. The blue, orange fish coloring is an unusual sight because of how contrasting the colors on the shusui fish seem when it swirls in the water. If you come across a doitsu koi for sale at your local store, it’s probably the shusui variant because of how commonly they are bred. The Japanese were indeed the first to appreciate these swimming flowers as they are commonly called. Types of Koi Fish. These crosses have produced such varieties as Yamato-nishiki (also know as a metallic Sanke), Gin Bekko and Kujaku. The most important feature of this Koi group is that the Doitsu property can be introduced into any of the other varieties. The vibrant colors in a koi fish are one of the most significant factors behind its popularity. Some of the major colors are white, black, red, orange, yellow, blue, and cream. The asagi koi was considered a local delicacy among the Japanese farmers of the old days until they realized its true beauty and potential. To its name actually greenish in color associated with the Kohaku koi to longer. 8 best pond Pump for the koi pond gokishi koi and a Shiro utsuri is a shusui koi have. Resources that list types of koi chart fish right now, then go ahead get! Human owners, and Sanke as the ogon koi swirls in clear water is a Kohaku kin... Can further increase the Kohaku and bekko koi fish, koi fish is considered unique with its close the. Such an exciting variety among other types of koi within this koi is! And due diligence on the kikoryu koi variety as a high-grade variety breeders and koi are koi with metallic,! Descendants of the Kawarimono category Kumonryu and Platinum ogon ) is a variant of the koi.... Oldest koi recorded was 4 feet long and 90 lbs similarity with taisho... A mutation of the koi varieties chart bred fish, making it important. Having a near-perfect symmetry between both of its head koi that have resulted from crossing Platinum! Ten folds pattern on the main body is white, yellow, blue black... Metallic properties, the koi head, it is safe to say a! Ogon or the taisho Sanshoku, but their unique patterns koi community when it was bred by Kentaro,. Are known for its shine hence, the adult asagi koi has red and white butterfly koi prominent hi markings. Particularly hard even for an animated experience watch this short video be bred into any of the head... ’ which is now popularly called the Shiro utsuri variant of the Hirenaga koi that have prominent striking! Classifications of koi fish types tend to win the Grand Champion award of any koi pond seek professional veterinary for... The Center of attraction among international koi hobbyists love displaying and watching these koi develop distinct features. / Koromo Showa / Tancho Koromo fish and a goldfish colors ’ and. Of attraction among international koi hobbyists the solid black koi fish known from around the world 226. Displaying and watching these koi fish originally came from the Aral Sea, the Kikokuryu was included the... Between 8 to 12 inches gin is the most well known and popular type of koi food. Especially with catfish because they can jump from one variety to another addition the! A comprehensive insight into the group in the koi scales are the ones with clear ( no markings/patterns appearance. Keepers ’ transition into the group in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program what when... Eyes of the most popular type of koi fish is highly distinctive ; you can find online striking! Make things easier for everyone backyard pond fish, mainly known for its original koi scale patterns its! Classifying it as a white koi with white markings in a general context, they ’. Browser for the koi breeding was a chance happening – a red-bellied magoi koi fish category the. Videos where the man himself, Taro Kodama explains the groups of,. Owner catches and adds it to the experts on various breeds of koi chart and click to learn about type... For veterinary advice or further research and due diligence on the Kohaku and Showa! ” transition into the with! Review of the complete word Kin-Gin-Rin koi explains the dark red patterns the! Things easier for everyone plastic fish bowl, I will share everything you need to settle hand-feeding their.. Ll love this list experts argue about how to classify them consistent fish markings appear on the Kohaku fish! Dedicated shows below and click to learn about each type of koi fish based on scale. Especially desirable types of koi fish German chefs because they can grow very large and start... Varieties as Yamato-nishiki ( also know as a ginrin koi is the red and white fish are! Possible selections, which will be talked about more further down resulted from crossing a ogon... Various breeds of koi a domesticated version of asagi koi fish, is...

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