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health and social care degree online

TBC. This module gives the learner the skills to critically analyse their professional healthcare area and implement the relevant core quality improvement and risk management structures that are required to deliver safe healthcare services. Placement hours will be split across five blocks, two blocks in Year (1), two blocks in Year (2) and the final block in Year (3) – with a minimum of 200 hours to be completed during each block. Through the completion of reflective writing learners will have the opportunity to overview their practice and link with the requirements of their chosen profession as per CORU standards of Proficiency for Health & Social Care Workers. In many ways, learning online is like learning in a classroom. The Health & Social Care Act (2012) saw the introduction of major changes and aims to integrate Health & Social Care services into a more service user-centred and holistic model. The first of two Specialist Care Practice modules to be completed. View Course Enquire. A review of the different assessment techniques, referencing and research methods will provide learners with the knowledge required to complete academic assessments in a range of contents. This module will build on the previous placement with more of an emphasis on interventions and ethical considerations appropriate for practice. College of Management and IT (CMIT) English Language Requirement: Applicants must be competent in both written and spoken English. The difference is that it is all done from your own home. The full Degree programme consists of 18 modules totalling 360 credits. The qualification is … Learners will work both independently and in groups to develop their understanding of different learning styles which will encourage reflective practice, open debates and discussions. The aim of this module is to provide the student with a broad understanding of research methods and research design, analysis and interpretation of collected data (prior to the completion of their dissertation module in year 3). The continuous assessment portion will consist of a series of tasks that aim to evaluate learning progress continually over the teaching period of a module. The overall summative assessment strategy centres around using a combination of continuous assessment through coursework and final assessments. Specialist Care Practice (2) (15 Credits): The second of two specialist skills modules that builds on the skills and understanding of supporting theories for a variety of conditions in health and social care across the lifespan. The purpose of this module is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to raise community awareness of health related issues, holistic approaches to health and to establish and evaluate health promotion programmes. BA (Hons) Health & Social Care – Online Degree, Adv. As our learner, you will be issued with an email to create your own password to access your degree. planning, analysis and evaluation. Furthermore, online lectures will be delivered in such a way that students will develop Brookes graduate attributes of academic literacy, research literacy, digital and information literacy, critical awareness and personal literacy and active citizenship. The aim of the module in Year (3) is to further explore the complexities of the legal and ethical aspects of care in various settings with reference to a range of case study examples. Health and social care is a vast sector with new government initiatives all the time, meaning it has a higher profile than ever before. This module will introduce learners to the fundamental requirements of the academic writing process and the study skills and techniques necessary for participation over the three year degree programme. There is a global trend towards integrative care so the skills you’ll develop will be in demand. and support, Student This understanding will be validated through the submission of an employer’s reference and/or interview where appropriate. In all circumstances, it is the student’s responsibility to proactively disclose any convictions/cases pending. The final year dissertation will be undertaken using secondary research methods. It combines both theoretical and practical knowledge in the health and social care profession. Legal & Ethical Issues in Health & Social Care (1) (15 Credits): This is the first of two modules that aims to inform learners of the legal and ethical aspects and implication to care in various settings. If you already know which course you want to study - whether it's a Health and Social Care Management Degree or a Foundation year course - start your Arden journey today by completing our online application form. We offer Cache qualifications in health and social care which can be studied online through our virtual campus with expert support throughout your enrolment. The module will explore perspectives on collaborative and inclusive leadership within complex private and public sector organisations. The aim of the module is to enhance the students’ learning in the area of the development over the life span – physical, social, intellectual and emotional. Social Policy and Welfare Systems (15 Credits): The aim of this module is to introduce the student to key areas of social policy and its relation to health & social care. This experience should be sufficient to enable the student to clearly demonstrate their commitment, motivation and understanding of social care work in practice. On successful completion of the programme, students will be able to demonstrate the following; Over the duration of this three year online BA (Hons) in Health & Social Care Degree programme students will complete a range of modules which will link both theory and practice, and will be assessed in a range of contexts. Top up your level 5 qualification to a full BSc degree in just one–two years of online study. There are also per year Easy Payment options available with our unrivaled Installment Plans. Experience of paid or voluntary work with vulnerable people and/or other community work. Overview This Health and Social Care BA (Hons) course is composed of theoretical and practical learning modules that underpin the core concepts of healthcare. Training providers and universities are relying increasingly on technology to deliver training, even when the area in question is as hands-on as the health and social care profession. Choose from our recognised degree courses in health and social care, nursing, childhood and youth, social work, health science, psychology and counselling or education to widen your knowledge and take your career to the next level. Garda Vetting is required for all Health & Social Care placements and students can apply for this through the college who in turn apply to the National Vetting Bureau (NVB) which helps to assess the suitability of all applicants on this programme. Engage in online peer to peer discussions and activities to share learning and reflection on practice. The module is designed as a steppingstone which is used to build on the learners previous and current learning; it will provide learners with the opportunity of setting objectives and identifying new competencies to be carried out over the duration of their third placement block. Learners will have the opportunity to explore the steps involved in the research process, methods, data analysis and the ethical considerations associated with health and social care research. Association, OU Students Twitter, OU Students This Health & Social Care BA (Hons) degree is composed of theoretical and practical learning modules that underpin the core concepts of health care. Learners will gain an understanding of a range of sociological perspectives and will be encouraged to develop their understanding and awareness of a range of social issues existing in today’s society and the global attributions impacting these issues. A collection of these tasks will make up the students’ portfolio assessment which has been embedded as a strategy across most of the modules to be completed over the three year programme. At ARU we specialise in supporting front line public services and are the largest provider in England for nursing, midwifery, and health and social care. Between classes, you will have readings, discussions and other activities that link with what you are learning in your online classes. Students may also avail of the opportunity of submitting a draft assessment that is also intended as another outlet for formative assessment and feedback. Chevron Training’s Online BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care degree is completed through our online interactive learning management […] Online Courses - Distance Learning. Quality Improvements in Health & Social Care – 15 Credits. The module will equip the student with a broad understanding of local, national and international policies pertaining to, and that have influenced and continue to influence, social care practice in Ireland. Freshers, Library help The learners will be encouraged to develop appropriate social policy responses to issues and challenges arising for service users and social care practitioners at local and national level. Learners will gain an understanding of the broader theoretical concepts of quality and will be able to demonstrate how these are translated and demonstrated in practice through the clinical governance initiative. In Year (1) the aim of the module is to introduce learners to the roles and requirements of health & social care in practice and learners will be encouraged to examine a key area of care practice in order to meet the stipulations as set down by CORU – the regulatory body for Health & Social Care workers in Ireland. Participate in a diverse range of online teaching and learning activities. Knowledge of, and the ability to work within the ethical guidelines laid down by professional codes of practice. This module will afford the learner to apply their academic study into day to day practice and give them the understanding of the importance of working within their specific codes of practice, relevant legislation and associated standards. Students who successfully complete this programme may use this award towards completing a suitable Higher Diploma and/or Masters Degree programme with another reputable third level institute/university. Engage with innovative and interactive learning support materials. With online classes you can join the live classes with your classmates or catch up on past or missed classes at your own pace. Free health & social care courses: online options. Charter and policies. Final assessments contribute the majority of weighting and are generally longer assignments that aim to assess more learning outcomes. Please note that The Open College and Oxford Brookes University have no direct affiliation or partnerships with any third level institute/university for the provision of access to  further study programmes and so it is advisable that students check out the entry requirements of any intended further study options available to them. Develop Digital Literacy skills in the application of IT skills required for effective online study.

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